Body Recovery, Energy Gel (6 Pack)
Body Recovery, Energy Gel (6 Pack) Body Recovery, Energy Gel (6 Pack) Body Recovery, Energy Gel (6 Pack) Body Recovery, Energy Gel (6 Pack) Body Recovery, Energy Gel (6 Pack)
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Body Recovery, Energy Gel (6 Pack)

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It happens all the time: athletes get into a great workout or training routine and suddenly, their performance starts to decline. Fatigue sets in. Muscle soreness keeps them from finishing their workouts. The athlete feels weak and defeated. While the goal is to get faster or stronger, repeated exercise routines can leave an athlete feeling just the opposite. This decline in performance is often the result of oxidative stress and inflammation from exercise. Body Recovery increases muscle strength, enhances performance and reduces soreness post-exercise, allowing athletes to recover faster and better and start their next workout stronger. Performance training is undergoing an incredible renaissance. As more athletes flock to competitions, many are discovering their diets alone do not provide all the beneficial nutrients to help them perform at their best each day. Body Recovery provides an edge to athletes’ current post-workout supplement regimen to help support their workout performance goals.

  • 100% natural patented Body Recovery Formula That Reduces Stress and inflammation associated with exercise.
  • Clinically shown to increase muscle strength, enhance performance, accelerate muscle recovery and minimize muscle soreness post-exercise.
  • #1 Body Recovery Formula in Japan. Now available in the U.S.A
  • Boosts athletic performance, Decreases delayed onset muscle soreness, Normalizes cortisol levels post-exercise, Improves exercise capacity, Increases muscle strength post-exercise, Speeds muscle recovery, Moderates muscle breakdown, Provides natural protection for muscles, Delivers caffeine to boost energy and focus.
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