Our Awards

Monde Selection: 506 Awards in 15 Years

Monde Selection is the longest running and most recognized international institute that evaluates the quality of consumer goods. Founded in 1961 in Brussels, Belgium, the organization evaluates more than 3,000 products each year from all over the world. 

The independent panel of experts grant awards based on the quality of the product. Awards are divided into four levels: Grand Gold, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. These awards are comparable to the quality stars of a hotel or ratings in the Michelin Guide.

The evaluation lasts four months, and the judging panel consists of more than 70 independent experts who assess the quality of the products based on 20 different scientific and legal parameters including the list of nutrients, the nutritional label, health claims, taste, and communication with the customer.

There are seven product categories: spirits & liquors; beers, waters, and soft drinks; food products; diet & health; cosmetics & toiletries; the international wine contest; and tobacco.

 Our Participation in Monde Selection

We are passionate about our supplements and happily consume them ourselves every day. We have produced and delivered high-quality products since our foundation. 

We continue to improve our products, and one of our greatest successes came in 2010 when we were the first company in the world to successfully extract nanoscopic bilberry particles, which we call “Nano-Bilberry.” In 2015, we further improved our flagship product “BLUEBERRY-EYE DELUXE” by introducing a new lecithin capsule that is more water-soluble.

Thanks to continuous improvements, the BLUEBERRY-EYE DELUXE received the Gold Quality Award this year. It has received awards for 15 years in a row since we first began participating in Monde Selection in 2004.

Some of our other products like “Cassis α,” have received awards for 13 consecutive years and are globally recognized for their quality.

WAKASA SEIKATSU has a strong passion: to create the best products for our customers.

We are proud of the quality of our products and will continue to be a leading company in the field of dietary supplements and health foods.

Three additional awards are given to products and companies with continued improvements in quality. We have received two out of three of these special trophies. 

The International High Quality Trophy. For products that have received a Grand Gold or Gold Award for 3 years in a row.

The Crystal Prestige Trophy. For companies that have received awards for 10 years in a row.

The third trophy is “The Special 25 Years Trophy,” which is for companies that have received awards for 25 years in a row. Since we first participated in Monde Selection in 2004, we hope to earn this award in 2029.